This year we have received only inspiring and heart felt messages from parents that share their enthusiasm about Kounia Bella and encourage us to keep it up. We chose to share just a few of these spontaneous messages, feeling humble but also happy, and we are anxious to hear from you and your experience.
From the minute we brought our little girl home she had trouble sleeping, she kept waking up and was always upset, exeperiencing colic. I hardly remember myself sleeping for more than a couple of hours. A friendly couple gave us a kouniabella hammock as a gift and we hung it next to our beg. I was completely awed by the change of my little girl's sleeping habbits. Some days she falls asleep the minute I put her in the hammock.
Katerina P., Lycabettus.
Baby Alexia (1,5 years old) is crazy about her hammock. She constantly asks for me to put her in it and she's excited to be able to swing herself, she can play for hours and our home is a home of laughter. Our country house as well. It's great to be able to take the hammock everywhere we go, it's her favorite toy. This summer we are taking it to the beach, to hang it by the pines.
Andronike H., Agios Stefanos
I have so much to share for the Kounia Bella I don't know where to begin. How practical it is? What a helping hand? How cute it is and of what terrific quality? To have access to such a quality product that covers all your baby's needs for many years of happy sleeping and entertaintment is something quite responsible I think, especially nowadays. Only a parent would think that way. Thumbs up!
Sophia G. NeaSmyrni
I don't know if any other mums have the same experience, but now that our little girl is teething she sometimes chews the wooden parts of the hammock and seems to be very soothed. I feel OK knowing that the wood used is absolutely natural and unvarnished, even though I admit that I didn's expect the baby to discover this extra use.
Areti P. Chalandri
I am writing to thank you for the hammock. Truth be told, sometimes us dads feel awkard when we are trying to get the baby to sleep and it keeps crying. The first thing that comes to mind is that it probably asks for mummy. Still, I can't help but think that the hammock kind of reminds them of mummy's hug and in a way it turns us into...mums, as well. The baby is very easily lulled. I have noticed that if the baby gets anxious and is about to wake up, if you gently rock the hammock there's no harm done, it keeps sleeping for hours. I am not so anxious to get the baby to sleep when our mummy's not around, after all.
Nickos N. Hlioupoli
.We are a family that loves nature and we want to pass this to our children. We have a park full of trees near our home and nothing feels as sweet to see our little baby asleep in the hammock under the shade of a tree or watch her little brother, who is almost 3 now, to enjoy himself swinging in it. Finally, no TV, no nothing, just us and nature.
Mum Yianna and dad Menelaos, Thessaloniki
It's hard not to notice how the hammock helps our little Mary (2,5 years old) be more creative, imaginative and self confident. She opens her little arms and pretends to be an aeroplane while she adores swinging by herself. The other day she told me "look mama, I am flying in the sky and reach the stars with my hammock".
Anna A. Maroussi.

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