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The www.kouniabella.com (the "Website") is an online store selling products, owned by Rimpopoulos I. Elias (the "Company"), based in Athens in 65 Ilia Street, VAT number 059 372 361 , Tax office of Agios Dimitrios.

These terms and conditions of use and sale (the "Terms of Use") govern the contractual relationship between the company and the person (the "client") who wishes to use the website and purchase its featured goods.

When accessing the website, the customer is asked to have read the terms and conditions. When using the site it is presumed that the customer has read and accepted these terms. The company encourages visitors to regularly revisit the terms in order to be up to date with any possible modifications at any gived time. The company recommends that customers pay special attention to all information, especially the ones regarding pricing, payments and returns.

If for any reason the customer does not agree with any of the terms and policies, reports, commitments and obligations described in these terms, the customer is kindly requested to not use the website.

Each customer who decides to place an order and make a purchase fully accepts the terms of use both automatically and unconditionally, exactly as these terms apply the actual day of order, even if the terms have changed compared to the past.


These terms of use apply to the entire purchasing period from order to delivery.

The kouniabella.com may modify these terms of use without warning so it is the users and clients own responsibility to frequently revisit and check these Terms for any changes. Any modified terms and conditions will only apply to any sales made after any modification. In case the terms and conditions change due to the acts of the Authorities then it is possible that these changes may also apply to previously placed orders. In any such case, it is the compan's responsibility to inform you on time.


The use of this website is exclusively for individual customers aged over eighteen (18) years old, with a right and legal capacity excluding professionals and other retail traders. The Company reserves the right to refuse accepting a specific order that appear to exceed the normal expected needs of an average consumer (with a limit of up to 5 items of the same model, color or object).

The clientele is not limited geographically. The Company agrees and accepts to deliver to customers who reside within the limits of the Greek territory. For other countries outside the territorial borders of Greece, the Customer must contact the Company through the site "contact us" for information on fees mission, methods and delivery times.


The only client that has the right to use the website and make purchases is any individual that has created a user account (the "Account") and registers as client. After creating an account the client declares and unconditionally agrees that he/she (1) has the right and the power to make orders (2) must comply with these terms, methods, procedures and guidelines described on the website as in force at any given time and (3) is and remains solely financially responsible for all use of the website, and all contractual obligations that apply to any submitted order.


To register as a customer (sign in) and create an account, you will be required by the Company to enter some specific information as described in the relevant registration form. The customer agrees to provide and confirm true, accurate and complete information at all times when asked by the company. The company reserves the right to request further information if the information submitted is not sufficient or satisfactory.

Regarding privacy issues, please read the relevant condition below:

When registering, you are asked to select a username and password. You agree and are entirely responsible for safeguarding and maintaining the confidentiality of your username and the password you choose. For security reasons, the kouniabella.com recommends frequent password changes. You acknowledge that the Company may in good faith assume that each person using the website with your username and your password is either you or a person legally authorized to act on your behalf. You agree to notify us immediately if you suspect any unauthorized use of your Account.

By using the Site and subject to specific provisions herein, you may NOT:

(1) violate in any way the legislation or copyrights, trademarks or other rights of third parties.
(2) violate these terms of use and our agreement policies, as described on the website.
(3) avoid meeting the financial obligations linked to your Account nor
copy, modify or distribute rights or content from the Site, Services or our tools or copyrights and trademarks of the Company and the Site.

The Company reserves the right to prohibit access to the Site to specific customers or delete accounts or cancel orders in case of violation or even attempted violation of the above obligations. In case of cancellation of an order there will be no charge to the customer.


The Company provides you with a temporary license to access and make personal use of the Site. This license does not entitle you to download the contents of the Website to your hard disk, apart from the automatic caching of the browser you are using, nor allows you to change any content, unless you have a written permission by the Company. This license does not allow you to sell products or exploit the Site and its contents (lists of products, their descriptions and prices) using it commercially. Any unauthorized use of the Site such as any downloading, storing or copying of information to benefit another merchant is strictly forbidden, as is the use of any extraction tools for data collecting and mining.

You may not use the Website in a way that would either disrupt or discontinue any access to it or even alter or destroy any of its contents. Each Customer / Member remains responsible for all data sent from his or hers computer to the Site and you are obliged to use the Site lawfully. Do not use the Site to send illegal, offensive, obscene or threatening material or for the purpose of copyright infringement by third parties or for sending material including viruses, political propaganda, promotional materials, chain letters, or spam.

Using a false email address or using another person's name and email address or misinforming the company about the identity of the sender is prohibited.

All material sent from Customers / Members on the Site (excluding of course the privacy of protected data) is perceived by the company as non-confidential and can be used for promotional or other purposes, without any obligation on the part the Company and without prior notice to the sender. The client is presumed to be the copyright holder for all materials sent to the Site. Should a claim for violation of intellectual property laws about material that the client submits to the Site, the clients are responsible to prove that the material belongs to them and to indemnify the plaintiff if vindicated in court.


All content of this site (including photos, texts, logos, signs, brand names) are protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek law, the European law and the international conventions on "Intellectual Property" and is the exclusive property of kouniabella.com or third parties.

The term "intellectual property" applies to all intellectual and industrial property, such as patents, patent right or utility model patent filing, utility model or right for filing patent or utility model, brainchild literature and art, moral rights and similar rights in the sense of Law 2121/1993 on Intellectual Property (as applicable), trade secret, trademark, particularly distinctive feature of businesses and activities, the company the right, know-how, design, template, web design, domain name (internet domain name ), computer program, tangible and intangible proprietary information and process, algorithm, mathematical formula and any other intangible rights, whether it has been filed or not.

Any with or without consideration, copying, distribution, modification, alteration, reproduction, sale, republication, in any way exploit any information (as a whole, partial or in summary) provided on this website in any manner or medium, including the sending on the Internet without the prior express written permission.
Any other products or services mentioned on the Site and bear the marks of their respective organizations, companies, institutions, associations and publications, are their intellectual and industrial property and therefore the bodies bear the responsibility and not an indication nor a recommendation us these suppliers.

The kouniabella.com signal and any other trademarks owned by the company can not be used in connection with any product or service that is not provided by the Company in any manner that is likely to cause confusion among customers or in any manner that disparages or discredits our business or company. Any unauthorized use automatically terminates the temporary license given by the Company to the visitor.

Sold goods are covered by an insurance company. The warranty covers and complements the normal legal rights of the buyer. The warranty applies if the goods purchased directly from kouniabella.com or an authorized representative.
The warranty does not cover damage to the goods or damage to persons or things due to improper use or due to accident, misuse, modification of the goods, or any use that does not comply with the technical instructions and / or the safety standards required. The warranty will not apply if the goods have been dismantled or repaired by any unauthorized persons.

The company makes every effort to protect users' personal data in compliance with the relevant provisions on the protection of personal data.

Any collection, management and use in general processing and protection of personal data of the Customer Site is subject to the terms of this section, the provisions of Greek legislation in force as this legislation may be amended and in force, the EU data protection legislation and provisions of the Personal Data Protection Authority. The purpose of processing personal data of Customers / Members of the Company is exclusively the support and execution of orders Customers / Members' communication purposes and to improve the information and services provided on the Site.

All type of communication (information, answers to questions asked etc) is submitted to us through forms completed by Customers / Members.

The visitor agrees that the information submitted is complete, correct, true, accurate and valid and that if any change occurs the company will be informed so that the registration information be kept complete, correct, true, accurate and valid. If the visitor wishes to discontinue communicating with kouniabella.com (for promotional and information purposes) he or she simply completes our relevant contact form indicating this desire.

The Company reserves the right to change the personal data protection terms within the existing legal framework. If a Customer / Member does not agree with the terms of this section shall not use the Website. Any Client / State considers that, simultaneously with the introduction of data on registering as a Customer / Member grants to the Company's express consent to the processing of data in the context of the intended transaction, reserving the right to access the data and the right to object to the processing of data. The Company treats all personal data of Customers / Members and will not communicate or disclose personal data to any third person or entity for any reason, with the exception of the following: (a) upon the prior express consent of the Client / membership (b) where, on the passing of personal data is for legal and / or individuals who cooperate with the Company, (c) if requisitioned for compliance with the relevant provisions of law and the relevant authorities or imposed by law and / or court order or if you are under assignment of personal data to third parties. In any case, the Customer / Member may contact the Company in order to update, correct or check info for his personal archive. If a Customer / Member wishes to remove any of his or her personal info or permanently disable his or her account and remove it from the list of email, the client must send a relevant email or contact by phone.

Phone number: 6973491643

It is the responsibility of each Registered User to read the Privacy Policy and we highly recommend that you read and print a hard copy. This Privacy Policy may change from time to time so revisit regularly.

The transactions kouniabella.com are made through the Pay Pal platform which uses the most safe know commercial coding. More can be read here.

The kouniabella.com may contain links or references and provide access via links to other websites and display advertising banners belonging to third parties, control of which is not part of our Company. Similarly, access to the Site can be reached via links that you find on websites of third parties, which are beyond the control of our Company.



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