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I am Yiota Lorida, married to Ellias and the proud mum of two adorable little girls, Melina and Myrto. Anticipating for my first newborn, I was excited to meet this lovely creature that has chosen me as her mummy. Simultaneously, I was anxious to establish a gentle and familiar environment for her at home, so that she feels comfortable and happy. My mum had already shared stories about the old times in Greece and how mothers used to carry their babies everywhere, even when working in the fields, lulling them in the so-called «nákes» (their own impromptu baby hammocks) that they hung under the shade of an olive tree or a grapevine. I was both fascinated and charmed, and after my daughter's birth, I was so eager to both help her enjoy a restless sleep and keep her creatively busy that I couldn’t help but make our first baby hammock.This hammock really saved the day - it felt like an extension of my arms, like the helping hand that I needed so much back then, through this really demanding first period after birth. The hammock not only helped me provide my baby the relaxation she so much needed but helped me rest too, gaining me precious extra time. Soon after, the hammock charmed everybody and many of our relatives and friends asked me to make them one for their babies as well. The rest is history. What only started as a hobby became a little company, eager to grow. Kounia bella was born. My daughter Melina was actually Kounia Bella’s godmother. When I asked her to describe her cot, all she said was "kounia bella". She was obviously inspired by this song I used to lull her with when I tucked her in her cot - a song called "Kounia Bella" which is actually a popular greek song that we sing to babies when rocking them. "Kounia" comes from the greek verb kounáo, that means «to move», and bella means beautiful in italian.

As a mother I am of those parents that believe in loving hugs and constant sentimental and physical bonding with our babies and our little children. For me, it is absolutely fulfilling to keep myself busy with new ideas concerning pregnancy, birth, child delivery, motherhood and parenting in general.I am into natural approaches when it comes to pregnancy, birth and schooling. When it comes to Kounia Bella, I have to admit that I never imagined myself creating my own little company. Before giving birth to my daughters I was the one "floating". But my little ones sweapt me off my feet, like magic. They opened my horizon and started an amazing trip full of change and challenge. I bring my daughters up and my daughters bring up me. They helped me stand on my feet and empowered my confidence enough so as to believe in me, first of all as a responsible parent. I humbly believe that Kounia Bella is a mum's gift to all other mums out there exactly like I did are looking for quality solutions for their children sleeptime and playtime.Hopefully you'll feel the same way after having your own Kounia Bella. I would love to keep in touch with you and share our stories.



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