We are here to answer any question about our products, their purchase and basic safety rules. Feel free to share your concerns at or simply give us a call: 6973 491643. We encourage you to read our terms and we thank you for your interest on our products.

How can I order my own kouniabella

By simply filling in the order form provided in our e-shop found here.Alternatively, you can reach us by email: or drop us a call: 6973 491643.

What is the ideal age for a child to use the kouniabella?

Kouniabella is safe to use from birth till the age of 2-3 (15 kilos).

Where can I hang a kouniabella?

Wherever you desire, depending on your child's needs, indoors or outdoors, from the ceiling, a door, an indoor staircase or outside at the veranda, al fresco, under a tree or a pergola.

Is it easy to carry the kouniabella around, when out for a scroll or on vacation?

Absolutely. It is easily folded without disassembling, it's extra light (2 kgr) and it is absolutely versatile and portable in its specially made cotton case.

Is it easy to hang the kouniabella? Will I receive any special equipment in order to hang it?

You don't need any special extra equipment to hang your kouniabella. You'll use the ropes included to make some knots. To hang it from the ceiling you'll have to get some proper screws and a hook suitable for heavy objects at your local tool store. They'll give you all the advice you'll need for safe installation.Be careful to follow all safety rules.

Is kouniabella safe?

Yes, from all points of view. For starters it's made of only high quality natural non-toxic materials. Its ropes are of high standards when it comes to safety and endurance provided that you comply with all standard safety rules about hanging, tying the ropesand never leave your child unsupervised.

Is it safe to put the baby to sleep in prone position?

No. By no means at all.According to pediatricians the safest way to put the baby to sleepis on its back or on the side. When you use the kouniabella always place the child on its back.

Is it safe to buy a kouniabella online?

Yes. The whole procedure is protected by Pay Pal a platform that complies with SSL protocole(Secure Sockets Layer Protocol) which uses the safest encryptionkey (128-bits long) and is considered to be the safest paying method online.

What are my paying options?

You can make a purchase using credit or cash, via your credit card, a bank deposit (in which case you'll receive your order by courier service with an extra delivery charge) or even cash upon delivery, using regular mail. You'll find all the information about the alternative methods in our e-shop.

How and when will I receive my order?

It depends. If your kouniabella is in stock you can receive it via courier within 1-2 working days. If the particular kouniabella is not in stock and we have to prepare one for you, please add 3 more days.

Will there be any extra charges?

No. After check-out the total price (including delivery) will be absolutely clear and there won't be any extra charge.

What if I change my mind and decide to return the kouniabella?

If you decide not to keep your kouniabella you can return it within 14 days since delivery as long as it remains intact and shows no signs of use or flaws due to misuse.

If I return the kouniabella how will I get my refund?

The refund excludes delivery costs and it's made the same way you did the purchase, via credit card or bank deposit at your account.

Do you provide any guarantee of use?

Yes. We guarantee that the product will remain perfect for 12 months after buing, as long as you use it properlyand strictly follow all installment and cleaning rules.

Do you ship internationally and in what currency?

We do, in some case. Feel free to contact us via mail or the phone to provide you with all necessary information about the procedure, the delivery cost and possible taxes.All transactions are in euro.

How accurate are the colors that t I see on my screen?

As accurate as it gets. In case of a slight difference please blame the light settings of your screen.

When will I know it's time to stop using the kouniabella for my baby's sleep?

There's not a rule. Your baby will decide that on its own depending on its personality and its body growth. The hammock "grows" along with your child, according to its needs and serving both as a sleep product and a "playground". In the hammock you can also lull your older little child and then tuck it to bed.

Is it easy for a baby to twist and turn in the hammock?

When your baby grows a little it will be easier to twist and turn. Never leave it unsupervised.

Why is the hammock inclined?

Because this is the best position for babies to breath and aviod reflux.Moreover, the soft moving of the hammockcomforts and soothes baby colic.

Please don't consider all this information to be by any means equivalent to medical advice.



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